Test&Treat Ltd


Test & Treat Ltd was formed in 2017 to develop and commercialise point of care (PoC) tests for the rapid detection of urinary tract infections and subsequent antibiotic sensitivity (AS) analysis in both veterinary and human clinical applications.

UTI is one of the most prevalent infections presenting to both doctors and veterinarians. Utilising Test & Treat’s patented technology, the world’s first rapid (less than 1 hour) UTI detection and AS test is now available in the veterinary market for use on companion animals.

Test & Treat is actively seeking diagnostic partners to license the technology for application to the human market.

Test 1 – UTI Detection, is designed to detect microbial urinary tract infections in companion animals (dogs and cats) in 30 minutes.

Test 2 – Antibiotic sensitivity, takes 60 minutes and will determine the quantitative antibiotic sensitivity of that infection.

The results of the two tests allow the doctor or veterinarian to prescribe the most effective antibiotic for the detected infection, providing an optimum rapid treatment plan, reducing the need for empirical prescribing which can contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance.

US customers can send us an email for more information or reach us at Microvet Diagnostics, 2407 S. Pine Street, Spartanburg, SC 29302, USA. Tel 800 640 7780 or 864 362 4000.