In too many cases antibiotics have stopped working, that means that people are dying of simple infections”.

“If we fail to act we are looking at an almost unthinkable scenario where antibiotics no longer work and we are cast back into the dark ages of medicine”.

“If we do nothing there will be a cumulative hit to the world economy of $100 trillion”

David Cameron, Priminister Of Great Britain - 2014

“The rise of antimicrobial resistance is a global crisis, recognised as one of the greatest threats to health today. Antimicrobial resistance is on the rise in every region of the world making a broad range of common infections much more difficult to treat”

Dr Margaret Chan, Director General Of The World Health Organisation - 2016

On 24th January 2019 the UK government announced an antibiotic resistance plan to fight the “urgent global threat”.

The UK Health Secretary (Matt Hancock), described the issue as:

  • Overuse of antibiotics is making infections harder to treat and leading to thousands of deaths a year through drug-resistant bacterial infection.
  • A need to change the way drug companies are funded to encourage development of new antibiotics and chemotherapies.
  • A need to reduce the unnecessary prescription of associated antibiotics and treatments.