Test&Treat is focused on the development and production of simple, easy-to-use point of care (PoC) applications to provide technologies designed to produce rapid results as an aid to diagnosis and management.

Test&Treat currently has two point of care (Doctor’s Office) tests for use as an aid to the diagnosis and management (antibiotic susceptibility) of bacterial Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

A simple-to-use, integrated reagent delivery device for use in PoC diagnostics has also been developed and patented for use with these tests. The test combination has been submitted for patent protection (PCT: USA, Europe and Canada).

Point of Care UTI

  • A five-minute PoC test as an aid to diagnosis of a bacterial UTI in urine.
  • A second 30 minute PoC test for antibiotic susceptibility in urine, as a follow–up assay to the diagnostic test.
  • Both assays employ easy to use, single-use disposable reagent delivery devices (patent granted) which contain all reagents necessary to perform the test.
  • Both assays utilize highly sensitive ATP bioluminescence; the output signal measures the presence of ATP directly proportional to the presence of live, active bacteria and is measured using a portable luminometer.
  • Currently a veterinarian or GP needs to send a urine sample to a clinical laboratory (24hr turn-around) for detection of the presence of a UTI and a further 24hrs (if positive) to identify a suitable antibiotic to treat the identified infection.

The Test&Treat technology is the first (worldwide) to allow confident prescribing of a suitable antibiotic at the PoC (veterinary and human) in less than 60 minutes.