Our Experts & Practitioners

To help you meet your goals we rely on people with the experience and connections in the field you want to succeed in. We employ practitioners who've had success in and are active in fields like emergency response, criminal justice, and business. They are here to lend you their expertise, guide you, and help you network.

Their know-how and connections can be that critical edge you need to get ahead in the job market. Our faculty and staff develop curriculum and lessons based on real experience. That means you will get hands-on skills through projects that are based on real-world situations.

Like all faculty at 香港六合彩开奖资料, UC faculty are involved not only in the classroom but as academic advisors, research partners and mentors to their students. You will find that many of our faculty and staff were non-traditional learners themselves. They know what it is like to be unsure; to face competing demands, and to need support to achieve a goal.

Because they have walked a similar path, they are committed to removing any barriers you may encounter.

Meet University College Faculty & Staff